Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Characters Matter

For the last several years I've been trying to get my books published. Taking almost every road available to me, I pushed and prodded to get myself and my books outthere.

And I'm still a relative unknown. While others have gotten out there virtually overnight. WAHHH...

But I'm published now... and I should be happy right?

Well, I am... sorta, but not near as happy as I'd like. That sounds horrible. And perhaps it is.

For the last few months, I've lamented over a book that noone seems to want to read -- even though I know they are -- looking for that elusive marketing in that will put my name on the hearts and minds of people and perhaps they'll by my book and God will touch them through the words I wrote.

Such lofty plans.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with trying to get my book out there. Not at all, just that there is more to life and right now my concerns seem a bit petty.

You see, while I've been busily trying to find that road, that in, while I've been busy worrying about book sales and new story lines, real life stories have been unfolding all around me.

While I'm complaining that noone wants to read my story, and whining about the sales...

A woman barely over 50 has just found out that chemo isn't helping her cancer, and while she worries about her own tomorrow... she learns that her child may have cancer markers as well.

A young father is perhaps looking toward a future alone, trying to figure out how he'll deal with the heartbreak of a wife who is getting ready to run, because she's somewhat bored and confused.

A family is about to lose their business, their livelihood and they're praying they don't have to go bankrupt.

A woman who has been out of work for months, still can't find a job.

An older woman is lying in a hospital bed fighting dehydration from cancer in her neck.

A young woman died in her sleep unexpectedly, leaving her husband to care for the family while dealing with his grief.

Any one of these would make great conflict for a story. But they are not my stories to write. Perhaps the only way I can be involved in touching their lives for Christ, is in laying my pencil aside for a time and falling on my knees in prayer. Laying my story aside for a time and looking at the real stories of life, love and loss that are unfolding around me.

Because Characters Matter.

You have stories unfolding all around you. Will you pray for them?

How can I pray for you?