Thursday, August 15, 2013

Then There Was Grace

Coming September 1st

Adam was ready to live without Grace, until he lost her. 

He thought he didn't deserve grace then it found him.


Bored, Adam prepares to divorce, Grace, his wife of seven years. Then Grace is killed in a terrorist attack, leaving him to raise their three-year-old twins, Faith and Hope. The girls have no idea the world's gone crazy, they just want their mother home. Adam isn't sure how to tell them she's gone. How can he, when he's not sure what really happened? When he doesn't want to believe it himself?

Grace's family and Adam's brother come to help, but Adam hesitates to open up to them. Their care only magnifies his loss. His guilt. If Grace would come home, he'd be a better husband. Father. Anything to stop the guilt ravaging his soul. But the more he uncovers about Grace, and her love, the more broken he becomes. Adam is a man with no heart. A man with no faith. A man with no God. Then there was grace.

Enjoy this excerpt

Adam didn't answer, but she wouldn't let that dim her mood. She left him a message and made plans to call him later.
     She was passing the 80th floor when Aimee called to tell her she was on her way. Oh well, she would wait.
     "It is a beautiful day," she told herself with a sigh. "And cold," she decided standing on the observation deck a few moments later. She pulled her coat collar up her neck to her ears and stared out at the world around her. Here she was above the concrete, steel, and glass.
     Here she could see forever.
     Well, a couple of states perhaps.
     There was no congestion. That was far below her, the cars moved along like ants now.
God had made a glorious day. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and turning her face to the sun, let her worries slide away.
     "Thank you," she whispered. She stood there in the quiet for a moment then opened her eyes and pulled out her cell phone to check the time. When her sister, Aimee, arrived they could get on with enjoying the rest of the excursion together. Then they would have to go back to the world. Back to her brother, who lay in the hospital recuperating from a stem-cell transplant, and back to Denver, where Adam and her daughters waited.
      Grace flipped open her phone and began to punch in Adam's number, when a huge blast disrupted the stillness of morning. She grabbed for the bars of the railing surrounding the deck, dropping her cell as the floor on which she stood swayed.
      "Earthquake," one of the visitors on the floor yelled and moved himself and his family to the doors where they huddled until the quaking stopped.
      The ground beneath her settled, Grace picked up her phone and listened. Save for the distant sounds from the traffic below, there was quiet. She looked at the world in the chasm between the buildings, it seemed to move along in its ordinary flow. There were no accidents, or emergency vehicles coming down the road with lights flashing.
      Perhaps it was an earthquake, after all. She'd heard they sounded like approaching freight trains. If so, there could be another. Tall buildings and tremors didn't mix for her, she wanted off this ride. Grabbing her case, she tugged the strap of her purse on her shoulder and headed for the door when the quiet was felled by another huge blast. The tower rocked left then tossed right. 
      Grace managed to keep her balance, but now, unwilling to get in the elevator she looked for the stairs, noting several of the other observers already headed that way as she started to follow. She froze in her spot when the shrill blast of sirens sliced the morning air sending the chill clean to her bones.