Thursday, February 03, 2011

Orphaned Hearts by Shawna Williams

David Langley lived through the fire that took his parent's and left him severely burned.

His Orphaned Heart wants to make sure that no other child lives through the long years alone, or the ridicule he did.

Caleb Holsheyer is an orphaned heart that no one seems to want, but David is determined to see the child settled in a good home. This a task in the best of times, but it's the Great Depression, people have little money for themselves let alone another mouth to feed, and Caleb is a cripple.

Sadie Miller, the town spinster, knows what it feels like to have a home and love. When she loses her father, she doesn't want to spend her life alone.

When the plans David have for Caleb fall through, he wonders if Sadie might be the answer to his prayer for Caleb. She has a home and she needs the companionship, but Child Welfare disagrees. They will only allow Caleb to stay with Sadie until a more suitable home can be found with a mother and a father, or he is returned to the orphanage

But when these three Orphaned Hearts join forces, they find that the answer was there all along.

I enjoyed Orphaned Hearts. I know you will too.