Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello 2012... a month late

Christmas is long past... okay just by a month. And now January is almost over. Did you miss me? Did you even wonder where I'd been?

So since I'm a month late in telling you... Happy Belated New Year.

I guess time flies when you're having fun. Although, I'm trying to decide if I've been having fun or not.

I suppose if trying to drill a hole through your arm (as I did yesterday) can be called fun... then I was having a wonderful time.

No... I wasn't drilling holes in my arm for a whole month. I actually managed to get some things accomplished.

I've sent in the first in my coming Shadow Series... When Shadows Fall and get to start the process of editing and editing and... well you get the drift.

When Shadows Fall is my Oregon With the Wind type serial, following Rebekah St. James from the War Torn East to the New Eden on the Oregon Trail. Look for it in June.

I've been working on the sequel to Touched By Mercy. Trying to decide whether to call it Tamed By Mercy or Changed By Mercy. It's kind of a Taming of the Shrew so they both work. What do you think?

I've continued to edit for a Publishing Company and hope I don't mess the manuscript up more than when I got it. LOL

Otherwise life has been pretty quiet.

It is the time of the year when the temperature is pretty mellow in Arizona and everyone wants to come here to visit. Meaning the population has practically doubled and the streets aren't altogether mellow anymore. Plus you wait in line every where.  I will have to admit that it's a far cry better than 118 like we had in the summer. But the way time is passing... that's coming around again. And the summer here does have it's upside. Less traffic, shorter lines, open swimming pools...

Still it has been nice to get out and walk in balmy weather. I still miss home. Colorado. But I don't cry as much as I used to over it now.

I found new things to cry over. Or scream over or pull my hair out over or pound my (Sorry I digress)

Case in point... I've been following the Republican Primaries.

Does the whole process make your blood pressure rise?

I myself have been getting just a touch ill with all the in fighting. I'm an inny. He's an outy. He's not as conservative as me. He made money, he took money... blah blah blah. How sad that there is nothing better to talk about. And don't get me started on the debates...  Don't get me wrong there have been some excellent moments. But how many do we really need to have? How long do we keep rehashing the same things over and over and pretty much saying nothing new? My goodness... you'd think all the news media wants is to see fighting instead of talking about issues and what matters. Maybe we should just have a boxing match and get it over with.

Makes a body long for the day it's done. Well this cycle anyway. Because we know it's coming around again in four more years.  This is the time of life when I hate 24 hour news. Wait five minutes and they'll tell you the same thing again.

Believe me I have some other things I could rant about, occupiers, the happening in the middle east, our leadership in America, the captain on the cruise ship, the economy, the cost of cable, how everyone separates everything out to charge extra and more... but that would fill pages. Or not.

I don't know if I could balance on my soapbox long enough to cover everything with the depth necessary. And I wonder if it'd really matter. Would anyone really care what I had to say?

I really just wanted to stop in and say hey. And tell everyone to have a wonderful and prosperous rest of your new year before it gets too old.