Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What makes a writer write? What causes a wordsmith to toil long hours over a story? Then spend longer hours editing and whittling away the very words they labored over so they can fit a word count or Publishing house. What cause them to cramp their fingers and sometimes their style.

I ask the questions, but the answers are oft times illusive. I do know that to me . . . writing is akin to breathing, if I couldn't put my imagination on paper, if I couldn't use the gift I believe God gave me, something within me would die.

So to you all you writers out there, let me encourage you to flex your imagination, breath in and out, write and edit and pray and dream.

The words you write may touch millions or maybe just you. But don't give up.

Because, (here is my good news for the year . . . considering how often I blog) if anyone is out there listening, after many long years, (twenty plus) and a few rejection letters, two of my books have been accepted by Desert Breeze Publishing.

Miracles can and do happen. Dreams do come true.

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