Saturday, December 26, 2009

and just look at my house.
For a brief moment, it's holiday beauty could grace a magazine cover
now it looks like it was attacked by sage grouse.

The stockings once hung
by the chimney with such care.
lay askew on the mantle
or strewn on the chair.

The children are sleeping late,
snuggled in their beds
with visions of Exlax, Prilosec or Pepto Bismal
dancing in their heads.

Pa is in his tennis shoes.
I've tugged on some spandex
as we contemplate hitting the gym
and trying to work up a sweat.

When out on the lawn
there a rose such a clatter
I ran to the door, tripping over boxes and wrapping
to see what was the matter.

Out in the yard, the dogs barked
and ran the fence in a flash
try to catch a stray cat who'd slipped in
and attacked the left over bones in our holiday trash

I grabbed a quick breath, snapped up a broom
and headed to the yard, to the fray.
To clean up the strewn garbage
and shoo the interloping cat away.

I tied the last bag
and crammed it into the bin
Then leaned against the fence with thoughts of Christmas now past
and thoughts of family and friends.

Christmas arrives much too quickly
but leaves much too fast.
Leaving me bereft to wonder and wish
if we couldn't find a way to make Christmas last

And laying a finger
aside of my nose
my lips lift in a smile
and joy soon arose.

I consider the presents, my family
and my friends.
And I know Christmas can last
Oh yes, yes it can

Cause Christmas isn't just what I got or who I saw
yes, that's part of it, that's true
but Christmas is Christ
and the gift he gave...lasts the whole year through.


StephB said...

Tina, I loved the poem. Very expressive and I loved the last bit - Christ is Christmas.

Happy Holidays

Pepper Basham said...

LOL...did you visit MY house on the 26th? This sounds strikingly familiar ;-)

Tina, I posted a similar twist on Twas the Night Before Christmas on my blog except it's called Twas the Night Jesus Came.
Yours is funnier ;-)


Tina Pinson said...

thanks for stopping by, Steph,

Christ is indeed Christmas and he is the gift that will keep giving.

Have a blessed new year.

Tina Pinson said...


I think my day after Christmas is similar to many homes, I think I finally finished the Christmas dishes. LOL

Thanks for coming by. I visited your site and left a post.

Anonymous said...

I know my comments are late,but I got a little chuckle from your orignal take on the old classic!