Monday, March 21, 2011

Cha... cha... cha... changes

Wow. Here I am heading for the big 50. I was certain I would hit that great mark in my life without too much fanfare or change. I was certain I would do that here in the place I call home. This place. The place I planned to live out my life with family and friends. This place where I've lived for twenty plus years. I planned to stay here and watch my family grow. I planned to tend my garden and continue writing. I planned to continue here, working toward old age and retirement.

I planned to spend my fiftieth year, right here. I would only be a year older. And perhaps a year wiser.

And life would go on as it had for a long time. I might try some new things, I might even color my hair (okay that might be a given) But I would be here. Right here, in this world I know, the world I love.

In this time, in this life as I know it.

But thanks to life, I may have to change my plans. Thanks to circumstances beyond my control, I may have to leave my home and move to a new place. A new world as far as I'm concerned.

A part of me prays nothing changes. Prays I get to stay here in my comfortable rut, working through my days in rote, since I know them so well. But I'm reminded that life hasn't always been easy here, either. What will this change bring?

Another part of me prays I'll be ready for the changes that may lie ahead. That I will realize that God will be there, cradling my life no matter where I am.

And he will. I just have to believe it.

Have to believe that blessings lie ahead, and be prepared for what God plans to show and share in my life.

Will the winds of change force me to this new place?

Who knows?

We'll see...


Sylvia A. Nash said...

Hi, Tina. Thanks for visiting me today. I thought I would drop by, too. Plans have a way of doing this to us. Wherever you end up being on your 50th, I hope it turns out to be the best year yet. Take care. Sylvia

Tina Pinson said...

Thanks for visiting, Sylvia. I hope we have a better idea of directions by my birthday too. And hope for a wonderful day.



Mama of Angels said...

Hey Tina, I will be praying for you. I talked to Sarah the other day and I am hoping your path keeps you where you are. I can't imagine it any different, but I like knowing things are the same. Love you so much and lifting you up, Dani

Tina Pinson said...

Appreciate that so much Dani. And I'm honored to have your prayers and friendship. I'm also glad you finally found out you won in the contest.

Yeah we just have to watch and pray and believe and trust that God holds our future and only wants our best. Sometimes I wished he'd give just a bit more detail.