Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eating Eggshells

Made the grandkids pancakes for breakfast today. Culinary Genius that I am, I cracked an egg and managed to drop some of the eggshell into the batter...


Which, after stirring through the batter with a fork, I could not find to retrieve.

again yayyy.

I could have ran the batter through the colander  and found the shell, but I decided to what any self respecting grandmother would... I turned it into a game.

Whoever finds the some eggshell in their pancake wins a prize. Major fun. Whoohoo

(maybe I should get out more)

That got me thinking about eggshell moments in life.

Ya know... those little surprises that flop into life. Out of place moments. Oft times distasteful moments. The ones that make you want to spit.

Moments that make you stop and go HUH?  Why would somebody put that there? Why did that happen?

Do you ever stop to think about the eggshell moments in your life? And see the good surprise behind them?

Everyone knows the adage, Stop and Smell the Roses... But maybe we should keep our eyes on the eggshells too

Because maybe, just maybe... they hold some of life's greatest mysteries.

And who found the eggshell at breakfast today? Who won the prize

I did.

Did it give me a surprise... Oh yes.

Did I smile... For sure. After I dug it out of my teeth.

And maybe that was all the prize I needed.


Patty said...

LOL! You're right. The egg shells are inevitable. Maybe it's better to just laugh at them. :)

Tina Pinson said...

I try. Patty. Usually, a few days later, when hindsight kicks in, I can get a good kick out of them.

Julie Lessman said...

What a CUTE blog today, Tina!! You sound like a pretty fun grandmother, girl!


Tina Pinson said...

Hello Julie,

Nice to see a smiling face.

I like to think I'm a pretty awesome grandma, but the kiddoes might give you a different story. LOL

I'm pretty sure they like me.