Saturday, July 21, 2012

ECFL Summer Blog Tour

When Shadows Fall -- Christian Historical Romance
Blurb:  As the Civil War rages, Rebekah fights to keep her world intact. But loss and sorrow has seeped into her heart and mind. She sets her sights on Oregon, praying this new Eden will allow her a place of peace and a place to put her life, and that of her son's, back together again. She travels to Independence, Missouri ready to take the train west, but is denied the opportunity to join the train because she is woman alone. Matthew battles his way through one fight after another, all the while thinking of Rebekah. The woman who holds his heart. He longs to help her west, but fears his biggest battle lies ahead of him. Will Rebekah open up her heart to him and allow him to be the one to hold her When the Shadows Fall?

Lose yourself in time long past. In a world gone crazy with war. Where North is fighting South and brother is pitted against brother. Rebekah and Matthew have found each other again. The division separating the nation separates them as well since she is in the South and he is Union Soldier. Will their love bridge the gap of time and war? Will their story be one of love lost or love found?

In the Manor of the Ghost -- Gothic Christian Romance

Blurb: It's the 1870's. The Civil War has long since been fought, settlers are still joining wagons trains and heading west to the New Eden. The land is changing. But those who dwell in Clayborne Manor seem trapped in time. 

Trapped amid the whispers of failure and sorrow, whispers of longing and defeat. Whispers that Kaitlin hears clearly at night. But who haunts Clayborne Manor? The ghost that restlessly walks the halls in the night? Or the ones that plague the minds and spirits of those residing there? Though not inclined to believe the dead can walk the night laden corridors, Kaitlin can see them clearly in the eyes of her husband Devlin, and hear them in the deafening silence of her son, Derrick. 

Does she have the courage to search the past and face the ghosts? Does she have the faith to stay and direct all those who dwell In the Manor of the Ghost to the one who sets the captive free?

Summer heat got you down? Take a trip to Minnesota in winter, and feel the coolness of ghost chills on your skin. Follow Kaitlin as she tried to uncover the secret of Clayborne Manor and the secrets that her husband, Devlin, tries to keep.

Touched By Mercy -- Christian Historical Romance

Blurb:  Angelina!   She wasn’t Samantha’s daughter, but she should have been. Sam mothered her with love like she was her own. The child became heaven in her world. 

Now the child was gone. Samantha felt her world slipping away. She had to find Angelina. She prayed. But doubted God would hear her. How could he when she was so dirty? And how could she trust a God who she believed abandoned her? Hopefully this God wouldn’t abandon Angelina. 

God uses the gentle hands of another carpenter to strip back the layers of abuse that have tarnished her faith and worth to teach Sam there is mercy instead of shame, and love. And though it seems out of reach, she always had freedom in Christ. 

Take a trip on the rail with Samantha Northam. Laugh when she learns the house she bought was an old brothel. Shed tears when she finds Angelina only to lose her again. Share romance when she meets Allan the dream of her heart. Share regret in her belief she is unworthy of his love. Will she give her heart to Allan and let him love her? Will she allow herself to be Touched By Mercy?


Dale Amidei said...

Looking good, Tina. Who does your covers?

Anonymous said...

I work up the concept for each cover and the awesome team at Desert Breeze Brings them to life.

Tina P.

Jennifer Westall said...

These look great! Downloading some samples today!

Nike Chillemi said...

Your novels show what Christian fiction should be.

Nike Chillemi said...

Your novels show what Christian fiction should be.

Tracy Krauss said...

Tina, I've long been wanting to read 'In the Manor of the Ghost' and now I remember why. I'll be purchasing it next week with the gift card my son gave me. (Along with Nike's third novel) this blog tour is great!

Anonymous said...

These books sound great, Tina! And the covers are beautiful!

Deb Piccurelli

Michelle Sutton said...

Thanks for participating in the tour. Desert Breeze does do beautiful covers. :)

Hallee Bridgeman said...

Beautiful covers! The stories sound wonderful!

Hallee Bridgeman

Naomi Musch said...

I missed your tour date! Tina, one of these days I'm going to get to Touched by Mercy. I loved In the Manor of the Ghost! God bless whatever you're working on now.