Thursday, November 08, 2012

Vinegar is so sweet.

Okay maybe Vinegar isn't sweet in the taste sense, (although since some of it comes from apples shouldn't it be) but Vinegar has so many uses. It kills germs, cleans house, preserves food, deters bugs, fertilizes your garden, neutralizes lime, polishes chrome, fights frost,  relieves itching and sunburn, staves a cold, removes warts, and represses appetite, maybe because your stomach is so sour after drinking it you'd curdle your food. Although they say Vinegar relieves a tummy ache.

It's amazing.

Speaking of curdle, a bit of vinegar in milk gives you a cheap form of buttermilk for cooking and even does windows.

Use it in your laundry to remove stains and freshen cloths.

Pour it on your salad with olive oil for a tasty dressing. Mix balsamic vinegar with olive oil, roasted garlic, and sun dried tomatoes for a yummy bread dip.

They say if you add a bit to your dog's water bowl it helps stops mange and fleas. I've poured boiling vinegar in biting ant holes and enjoyed my yard for the summer.

And that's only the beginning. There are hundreds of uses from something so sour. That's why vinegar is so sweet.

I use vinegar for many purposes.

Did you know its a wonderful clarifier for your hair? That's right, it removes build up leaving your tresses soft ands supple while restoring PH balance. For best results and better highlights people with darker hair should use Apple Cider vinegar and people with lighter hair White vinegar.

While Vinegar makes your lips pucker, it is good for you to drink too. They say to downing a couple teaspoons with a glass of water fortifies your health. While I agree, I have a hard time drinking vinegar water. I find it easier to sip on the vinegar itself. Maybe that's a residual from my childhood bath times.

You see, I used to take my glass of vinegar so I could rinse my hair with it and have that nice silky sheen. But first I pretended that I was a rich woman leisurely relaxing with a glass of wine while I sipped the vinegar. Yep I drank vinegar.

And my skin was clearer for it.
Given the way my skin has gone all hormonal on me, perhaps I should start drinking more.


What are some ways you use vinegar?


Patty Froese said...

My husband is ESL, and he will often use the word "sweet" for "good." So that was the first thing I thought when I read the title of your post! :)

I use vinegar in my homemade bathroom cleaner, use it for flavor on top of salty popcorn (my four year old won't eat popcorn without it) and use it for my laundry.

Tina Pinson said...

On top of popcorn, huh? Haven't heard that. Do you just sprinkle a bit on kind of like salt and vinegar chips?

I suppose you could say Sweet has a double entendre, vinegar is good but it's also sour too.

_ said...

Oh, la! (in my Regency Romance mode) I preserve my herbs in wine vinegar. So nice, I vow. Must keep the ph above 8 tho.
'Emma' Janis Lane

Anonymous said...

Hello back, Janis,

I do a lot peppers with herbs and veggies. Maybe I should just try packing herbs. Usually I just dry those.


Delores Goodrick Beggs said...

My mother in law always used vinegar water to clean the glass in her house - windows, mirrors, etc - she never bought those expensive different kinds of spray cleaners.

Carolyn Boyles said...

Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar is the best brand out there. It has natural ingredients which are filtered out of most apple cider vinegars.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Delores,

Thank you for dropping by.

I know several people who've cleaned windows, and some used newspaper as well. I've used it for carpets too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Carolyn.

Good to read (see) ya.

Yep, I have Bragg Vinegar. I tried their drinks too. Had a hard time with em though. Did you know they have an Amino Acid spray that taste's like soy sauce. That I like.

Anonymous said...

BTW the last anon was me. I'm on my phone.