Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hope... and a Happy New Year

Hope is the eternal dream. The essence that gives one the courage to face life knowing that in every endeavor, win or fail, one can try again and maybe, succeed.
Hope is the tender desire of first love. It's the gentle wedding kiss, sealing a promise. 
Hopefully, forever.
Hope is the glistening tear in a mother's eye at the stirring of new life in her womb.
Hope is a parent's prayer. A sincere longing for the wisdom to raise the precious child 
they've been given.
Hope is the soothing miracle that all things change; Ugly ducklings can become graceful swans. Tadpoles lose their tails and become bullfrogs. And fuzzy caterpillars, turn into elegant butterflies and glide on the wind.
It's the calming assurance that the harshest winters turn to spring. And the darkest night is followed by the dawn.
Hope is the knowledge that though life's path may be hard at times,
there are always smooth spots and shady places, where weary traveler's can rest 
and renew their strength.
Hope is the unshakeable belief that you're never alone.
There is a God and he loves and cares for even when you feel unworthy,
too unlovely to be loved.
Hope is the assurance that the pages of life turn, and when your book comes to a end your story can be written in Eternity.
Each word spelled out with love by the One who tells your story. 
Who gave his life so you'd have a story to tell.
Hope is life.
Without hope, dreams couldn't be dreamed. Lover's couldn't love, and there were be no pot of gold at the end of rainbow.

How does one seek the gold when they can't see the rainbow?

I hope you see the One who brings hope and life, the one that creates the rainbows. 
the One who created you.
My hope is that your year is filled with everything this Hope can bring and that you will taste His Blessings and share in His hopes and dreams for you.

Happy New Year.

But these three remain, Faith, Hope and Love. And the Greatest of these is Love.     I Corinthians 13:13


Okie said...

Very cool post.

Here's wishing you a happy and hopeful 2013

sun light said...
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