Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Review of Bachelor Buttons

by Kathleen Maher

Bachelor Buttons is set amid the US Civil War in 1863. It tells the story of William Lee and Rose Meehan and is somewhat based on Kathleen Maher's own family history.
It may be a short novella but it has a lot of story to tell. William Lee, a poor Irishman, gives violin lessons while he waits for his chance to shine on stage and works to win the heart of Rose Meehan. Hoping all the while that his name won't appear on the lists for the draft.

With tickets in hand for a concert, he hopes to take his intended, Rose out for a date, only to find that she has another suitor and he must win Rose's affections through a footrace and by winning her father's approval as well. A hard task, when Rose's father is set on marrying her off to Dr. Ian McGuiness, because he feels the doctor can give her a better life.

Rich with romance and laughter, Bachelor Buttons also gives the reader a poignant view of life for the Irish in New York City of 1863. It shows how the poor, usually Irish, were called to duty through the draft and how the rich of the day managed to pay their way out of the draft. This led the Irish to riot against wealthy business owners in New York and caused a great deal of unrest between the Irish and the Blacks of the day, because free Blacks didn’t have to go to war.

If you're looking for a story filled with history and a romance besides pick up Bachelor Buttons and take a trip to the past.


Kathleen Maher said...

Tian, oh my goodness, I never knew you posted this! Thank you so much! Sorry I am two weeks late!

Tina Pinson said...

You're welcome. I sent out an email, but I was traveling and maybe it didn't come through.