Sunday, May 11, 2014

For Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
and especially to my mom, who I miss this year. 
The first is over 50 that I won't be able to call 
or say I love you.

Baby Steps
by Tina Pinson

I used to carry you, used to complain
about how heavy you were becoming.
So I set you down and taught you to walk.
Baby Steps...
Look at you. When did you learn to walk so well?

I used to hold your hand. Or you held mine.
But a time came when you want to run.
So I let you go and watched you trot away
Baby Steps…
When did you learn to run so fast?

I used to watch you play. In the sandbox. On the slide.
But running gave way to bikes and bikes to cars.
So I folded my hands with a pray, and watched you drive away.
Baby Steps…
Where did that handsome young man come from?

I used to listen to the roar of your car's engine,
signaling your save return home. But you've moved away.
It was time I suppose, but your room is so empty.
Baby Steps…
Now I wait for the phone to ring and you to call home.

Oh that I could watch you toddling again.
I remember when you held my hand and walked in my shadow.
Baby Steps...
When did your steps surpass mine?
When did your shadow become so long?

You take the steps of a man now. So sure, so strong.
You don't need my hand to hold you anymore.
Forgive your mother her tears.
Forgive your mother her dreams that we could go back
and I could snuggle you and hold you again.
See, you may be grown, and have a family of your own,
but you'll always be my little boy.

Baby Steps.


Kathleen L. Maher said...

Oh my goodness, Tina. That put a lump in my throat and mist in my eyes. Beautiful,and so true. Now my little boy has a little boy of his own. Sharing this post. <3

Tina Pinson said...

Kathleen, thank you. How lovely to visit. They do grow up too fast.

June Foster said...

Tina, thank you for sharing this and happy mother's day to you. June

Tina Pinson said...

June, I hope you have an awesome Mother's day too. thanks for coming by.