Monday, May 24, 2010

Do you Know that Nose? Answers...

Here's the game, pick your nose and choose a name...

1. Demi Moore 

2. Cameron Diaz                 

3. Doris Day                                  

4. Judy Garland                  
5. Shirley Temple                          
6. Julia Roberts                               

7. Blake Shelton                   

8. Brad Pitt                               

9. Clark Gable                                    
10. Hugh Jackman                         

11. Jimmy Stewart                                   

12. Paul Walker                                     
13. Johnny Depp                    
14. Tom Cruise                    
15. Tom Selleck. 


Ausjenny said...

I can get a couple but i dont even know who at least 2 of those people are. fun idea.

Deborah M said...

I think I've pick out five, but don't know where the answers are.
Deborah M.

Tina Pinson said...

Deborah, I will give the answers in a few days. Just seeing if anyone else comes to play.

Jenny, which people don't you know?

Shawna Williams said...

1. Demi
2. Cameron
4. Julia
8. Brad Pitt
10. Hugh Jackman
11. Jimmy Stewart
12. Leonardo Dicaprio (Oops, not a choice.) Okay, Paul Walker
13. Johnny Depp
15. Toss up between Clark Gable and Tom Selleck.