Thursday, May 13, 2010

We have a Winner...

Thanks so much everyone who stopped in and left a comment. You are all entered in the contest that continues through out this month for the release of ... No Other.

You can enter Shawna's contest multiple times, the details are here.

As promised I have come bearing the name of the winner for my blog.

 Congratulations to R. Ann Siracusa ... you've won the ebook of  "No Other", a freshwater pearl/inspirational bracelet, and a signed postcard.

Thanks again for coming by, be sure to check back in a couple of weeks for the release of my new ebook In the Manor of the Ghost.

 I will be running a contest through the month of June with some great prizes.


Shawna Williams said...

The cover to your book is fantastic!

Tina Pinson said...

Thank you sooo much. I kind of like your's too. It has my locket on it. LOL

Tabatha Tager said...

The book looks wonderful and the s"movie" you did of it is great! It makes me wan to read the book even more! I look forward to reading it. However, do not have any way of getting an e-book, so will I be able to get a hardcopy of it?

Tabatha Yager said...

Sorry, Tina,
When I signed my name, my fingers weren't working. It's actually from Tabatha Yager. lol

Tina Pinson said...

Tabatha Tager,
Who are you:0)

Unfortunately, it won't be in print as of yet, that may change shortly, but not now.
As long as you have a computer, you can download ebooks.