Monday, February 27, 2012

Give Us This Day by June Foster

June Foster is a Retired Teacher. She and her husband travel full time in their RV. She began writing Christian Fiction in January 2010. She hopes to minister to Christians who struggle with the same issues as her hero and heroine.

Give us this Day  is author June Foster's new release.


Holly reached down and untied the shoe string of her left tennis shoe. Could she really do this? 

"What are you doing?" His questioning look accelerated the nervous pangs in her stomach. 

Holly lifted a restraining hand to him and continued her work. With an unsteady grip, she pulled her sock off exposing the curved metal of her prosthetic limb. 

Jess stared, his eyes the size of large plates. "Oh, good Lord, Holly. What happened?" 

Holly folded her jeans up to her knee exposing the entire device. She released the suction holding the hollow plastic casing over her knee stump and removed the entire leg, setting it next to the couch. 

Her heart thundered as she dared a glance at Jess. 

He sat motionless, his eyes wide open. "Why didn't you tell me?" 

"Because I thought you'd reject me if you knew. Now do you see? You're not the only one with a flawed body." Holly leaned back against the couch, her stub barely meeting the end of the seat. Her palms were like ice. She took the risk and showed him. No turning back now. He'd always know. 

Jess's voice was barely a whisper. "You haven't told too many people." 
B "No. Only my family and Dr. Murphy know. Zack, too. I was riding on the back of his motorcycle when the accident happened."

"Holly, I don't know what to say." He gazed at her with woeful blue eyes.

She wiped away another stream of endless tears. "After I came to know you, I figured you'd love me in spite of it. That's the kind of man you are. I didn't know how to tell you until now."

Jess eased off the couch and slowly knelt in front of her. He folded her jeans a little higher, gazed at her with eyes of love and compassion, then bent down.

She gasped.

He lowered his lips to the stub and kissed it, then gazed up at her again.

"I can't believe you did that. I love you for it."

Jess blinked, a grimace painted on his face. With a groan, Jess moved back onto the couch with her. He slid his arms around her. "You're right. It would've made no difference in how I feel about you, but this makes things even more difficult." 


June Foster said...

Tina, Thank you for hosting me on your lovely blog. June

Tina Pinson said...

Thank your for coming by. I read your book and enjoyed it. It is different from many others because of the story line alone. And it made me stop and think about my own habits.