Friday, October 19, 2012

DBP Fall Festival and Contest

The Desert Breeze Fall Festival is running right now. To connect and win prizes go to

Several author will be in and out to chat throughout the weekend.  As I am the caboose, and won't have my chat time until 5 pm eastern on Sunday. I thought I would put my contest up. That way you can get started and tell your friends. Then join me Sunday at Desert Breeze Connections Site for a chat. Where I'll be giving away more and you can only enter at the chat. I'm hope to see you.

Until then, here's the contest:

I'll be giving away two copies of my ebooks. (winners choice) And a $20.00 gift card to Amazon

There are several ways to get your name in.

1. If you are on Pinterest you can go to my Pinterest Site @
and under the My Books Board you'll see my covers, just pin them on your boards and Pinterest will let me know. That will go into the count.

If you're not on Pinterest... Please join me.

Or you can take my covers pictured below and share them on Facebook. And send the link to

 You can also answer the following questions. The answers can be found around my blog. Answer in a comment for a chance to win. Or just comment.

1. Who said  "Sam, you ain't got nothing on your top, but your birthday suit and bandages. You need to lay down."
(hint: Touched By Mercy tab on top of page)

2. Where do Rebekah and Caroline go for a visit?
(hint: When Shadows Fall tab on top of page)

3. Who said, In the Manor of the Ghost is a suspense filled story that kept me guessing until the end." (hint: In the Manor of the Ghost tab on top of page)

4. Someone is up a tree. Why?  (hint: Cartoons tab on top of page)

5. How many grandchildren do I have? (hint: home page right hand side)

Winners will be notified on Monday October 22.


Breila said...

1. Reverend Trent
2. Church
3. Shawna Williams
4. New book contract.
5. 6 and 1 more on the way.

Stephenia McGee said...

6 grandchildren with one on the way. =)

Nicole Zoltack said...

1. Reverend Trent
2. Church
3. Shawna Williams
4. New book contract
5. 6 and 1 more on the way :)