Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Elections are coming...


In 1864 Republican Abraham Lincoln was re-elected for a second term as president after a run against Democrat George B. McClellan with Andrew Johnson as his running mate. Did you know there was a switch-up for the vice-presidency on the Democratic side? History is interesting, but how will this election be written in the annals of time? Do you care?

The elections are coming… I can almost hear the groans and see your eyes glazing over. And i can see some one finger waves. thank you

I know... I know... You're inundated with ads and spiels, you're on election overload. Everyone has an idea about the elections. Let's take a poll. Are you tired of it yet? Have you tuned it out already. I get it election information runs in a continuous loop for twenty-four hours nonstop. With alert headlines and special report draws that tell you nothing new. And heaven knows, you don't want to hear anymore from me. You'd rather clean up dog poop. Rather head for the social networks for fun. Anything but  discuss politics.

But have you really paid attention to the news, to what's going on in the world or just across the street?

Before you run away screaming, thinking I'm another political pundit who's going to tell you how vote or force you to see things my way. Let me just say, I know I'd probably have better luck telling you to choose up sides and smell arm pits.

But the truth is... the elections are coming. Only a month away. I honestly don't care who you go in and cast your vote for. Okay maybe I care just a little. But it is not my place to tell you who to vote for and how to believe.

What I really would like to see you do is prepare. Take some time to reflect on this election. Take a look at the issues and the candidates. Don’t just vote party lines because you've been with a party for years. And that's how it's done.

You've been given a great freedom. One bought by the very lifeblood of those who came before you and those who stand on the battlefields today. We're all ready to wax poetic about our Great Country and the men and women who stand in the way of tyranny for us. But we don't take responsibility for the freedom we've been given. And voting is a high honor and a responsibility.

Please take this month to consider your choices, and if you choose to, take some time to pray for this nation, for this world and the hearts of mankind.

You can say you don't really want to get involved, and that your vote doesn't mean squat. You'll watch it from the sidelines, from the fence. Let me caution you by saying if you are unwilling to stand for anything, you will fall for everything. And you will have no reason to complain when things don't turn out.

You may think sitting on the fence frees you from responsibility… consider this, at some point the fence is going fall and you may find yourself forced to sit on the wrong side of the issue.

With all the information flying around you, there is no excuse for not knowing the issues. For not knowing where the candidates stand. Go to their sites read their platforms.

Please Vote Responsibly

Take a stand and if that stand should bring you to your knees in prayer... don't fight it.

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Janice said...

Thank you for encouraging people to be good citizens. We should not need the reminder, but from former results we can see a bit of prodding is in order.

Blessings, Janice

Tina Pinson said...

Janice, thank you for stopping in to take a look. Appreciate it.

June Bryan Belfie said...

I'm glad you wrote this article. My husband and I are concerned with the lack of knowledge most have about the candidates and their views. It is important to pray for wisdom. IIChronicles7:14.
Blessings, June

L McMaken said...

I agree. American's are a very spoiled nation of people because of the sacrifices of those before us. The sad thing is I know people who can quote me sports statistics for the last thirty years, but don't know who their Congressman is.

Vote is NOT a right, it is a privileged. Very well said post.