Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I was a Civil War Bride...

I was a Civil War Bride.

I was shot at Fredericksburg.

I was a prisoner and nearly died at Andersonville.

I married for convenience and lived in a haunted house.

I rode the Orphan Trains and took a wagon train to Oregon.

I was kidnapped by Indians and caught in a Buffalo Stampede.

I mined for coal in Pennsylvania, dug for silver in Leadville, and hunted for Gold in the Colorado Rockies.

I was a missionary wife on the island of New Guinea and was taken prisoner by the Japanese during WWII.

I led several children through enemy lines to a US Submarine for rescue.

I was blown up in a Terrorist attack and I've watched gunfights from my hospital bed.

I've raised bees and traveled through time.

I've buried many people I love and had to fight the demons of sorrow, regret, fear, and more.


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