Thursday, May 17, 2012

Faith in Fiction

As a Christian author, my faith play a big part in how I write. Some might ask why faith would matter in writing and especially writing fiction. Isn't that somewhat ironic? First let me remind you that Christ told parables so that people would understand better. Following in the footsteps of Christ the storyteller, I believe that God gave me my imagination and desire to write as a gift that he means for me to use for him.

So I write stories of faith and overcoming through and with God. I want my readers to come away with the truth of God's love and mercy for their own lives.

My faith also plays a part in where I might promote my books and how. It should be a big part of my attitude. But what happens when the Christian writer's faith is shaken? Or does a writer's faith ever take a hit? How does a writer write stories to touch other's lives when they are discouraged in themselves?

I asked the following questions. I wasn't concerned about what they wrote in their stories as much as how faith applied to them as writers.

Is having faith as a writer important to you? 

Many answered Yes. 

Why this was important? 

Most said they would never tackle a book without it. If God wanted them to write they needed to be in tuned to the One who wanted them to write and gave them the story. Because their faith made them who they are.

Does that faith help you when you're discouraged in your writing? 

Most answered yes, some spoke of times when they were down and it took some time and prayer to break out of the discouragement, but God was there. They never lost their faith in him.

Do you pray for God to help you with your stories and promotion? 

Many said yes especially in their stories and many in their promotion.

Has there ever been a time that you wondered if God heard your prayers? 

Most said that they question that from time to time, but as they grow in faith and spend time with the Lord, they don't question as often. Some did say that they didn't really question whether he heard their prayers, but wondered when he'd answer.

Has there ever been a time that your faith in God or your writing wavered? 

Many said yes.  And those feelings can come and go whether they had a lot of books published or none. Writers and perhaps people in general question whether they are ever good enough. As a Christian writer we have the knowledge of a Christ who loves us so much he died for us. And he gives us strength and walks through the valleys of discouragement with us, but that doesn't keep us from wondering.

Do you ever blame God that you're not doing better as a writer?

Most said no, that was their fault. Some said to be honest they did wonder why God didn't help a bit more.

Has God ever told you not to promote in a certain way or place, or write something specific? 

Several said yes. For some he'd even told them to stop writing for a time and spend some time with him. Some were told not to do a certain type of promotion. 

Yes, as Christians we have faith, or should have. That faith does not mean we will be the next best seller. Nor does it mean one writer had more faith or prayed more because they did. Faith does not mean we never know discouragement. Or never have to work at promotion because God will snap his finger and get our books out there.

No, He isn't a genie in a bottle. but he does promise to be with us and carry us through times of shallow faith. Faith gives us something to hold onto and hope in when it doesn't seem like we're getting any where. That is what I want to share in life and in fiction. 

What do you think?  

Tina E. Pinson

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Lynn said...

Each of us has our own faith journey, don't we? I am a Preacher's Kid and sometimes take my faith for granted. I didn't set out to write Christian fiction with More Than A Job, but to offer glimpses into a faith-filled life. I got reviews from family members and friends about how I did or did not meet their expectations for content. I think we have to keep our decisions on how to handle faith in our writing squarely between us and God, because everyone else has such varied opinions!

Tina Pinson said...

Hi, Lynn,

I was a preacher's kid myself for a time, I agree you have to listen to what God wants in that. I had people tell me Christian fiction wasn't right. If I really wanted to do something for God I should talk to someone doing God's work and write their story. Oh well.

thank you for coming by