Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Graduation Prayer

It's that time of the year again, when seniors from High Schools and other levels of academia graduate.
It is a lifetime achievement and a new step into the unknown.

Since my children are all grown, I have lived through THE Graduation Angst of watching my children walk through the procession, receive their diploma and know that something had radically changed in my world, just as something would radically change in theirs.

I remember the day vividly. I sat there in the stands watching my eldest in his red robe, fall in line with the others in their matching attire and saw my little boy. Saw the day I took him to kindergarten. I saw days of his life float through my memory. A part of me wanted those days back, but knew that this was his moment to shine. This was his moment to reach for the life I'd, hopefully, prepared him for.

A Parent's Graduation Prayer
by Tina Pinson

Precious Son… Beloved to me.
I watch you walk away and I am filled with a sense of pride.
For the man you’ve become, the man you will be.
You’ve grown now, and you’re heading off into a world
to blaze that trail. To live your life.
Much has been accomplished in what seems like too short of time.
I’m prouder than any parent could be.
But deep in my heart, in that sheltered place,
I feel as though someone has taken a knife and hollowed my soul.
I long to run after you. To continue this walk together.
Continue along with you in this journey that we started so long ago.
But the path is only wide enough for you and one other.
And I know I am not the one who can walk it with you.
Nor the one who should.
Oh, but all of my senses cry out, begging me to run to your side,
take your hand in mine, and never relinquish that hold.
But my feet are planted here, and I stand silently in the shadows,
weeping, watching as you walk away.
My hands are limp and empty by my side.
Then in moments of sorrow, I look up and see who walks with you. 
I look up and see, like me, you are sheltered under His arm.
Close to His heart. And He’ll never let you walk alone.
And my hand, finding the strength to let you go,
lifts with prayer for your tomorrow’s.
Lifts with praise as I lay you in the hands of
The only one who can carry you.
The one who always has.


Sally Shupe said...

Thank you so much for this graduation prayer. My "little man" is graduating from high school in just a few short weeks. I needed to be reminded there is One who will be there no matter what and that I can leave him in His hands. Thank you for a wonderful prayer.

Tina Pinson said...

that is awesome. Congratulations on having reached this pinnacle in your life and in that of your son's. I'm glad the poem could remind you that your son will not walk alone.

thank you so much for visiting

makenwords said...

Oh, what a familiar road. Beautifully done.

Colleen said...

Thanks for posting this. My oldest is graduating in a week. You did a great job of summing up how hard it is to let them leave home without us, but reminding us that we can still place them in someone else's care. Thanks